Conférence sur Auroville de Dominique Pagès : des vidéos pour comprendre

Conférence sur Auroville : des vidéos pour comprendre

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Le travail de relèvement des terres : (56 min)

Le travail de créatrices et artisans d’Auroville (52 min)

Reportage de la chaîne France24 sur le projet (16 min)

La bagarre à Darkali en décembre 2021

Une série de vidéos remarquables sur Auroville avec des commentaires en anglais

Landing Auroville (7.50 min)

By Rakhal
A comprehensive approach to show how crucial it is to buy the remaining land
missing to Auroville. A short video tracing the development of Auroville, the
impact of its existence in India, its uniqueness and the very message of The
Mother to foster fundraising for buying the missing land in Auroville.

City of the Dawn (55 min)
A glimpse through testimony to the story of a city with citizens from more than
40 nations, a living laboratory in the pursuit of human unity. The discovery of progress, a meaningful life dedicated to a purpose explained with Mother’s words: “We want an organization that is the expression of a higher consciousness where people organize
themselves spontaneously without fixed rules and laws, without an army or
police”. “ I would like people to feel that coming to Auroville is not coming to an
easy life; it means coming to a gigantic effort for progress.” “Auroville is the
place where this new way of living is being worked out; it is a centre of
accelerated evolution where humanity must begin to change the world through
the power of the inner spirit.”

Building Matrimandir, Labour of Love (52 min)
This movie traces the history of the construction of the Matrimandir from the
very beginnings; what is touching in this video is the dedication and love of
Auroville Residents for creating this outstanding edifice in spite of many

Towards a Sustainable Future, Auroville 36 years of research (51.53 min)
This film is the story of the strive for exploration and fitting together systems
which are natural and sustainable, towards a sustainable Auroville.
Early deforestation, barren land, later reforestation, water conservation, damp
building, organizing life and many more. Coming together with people from
bioregion and creating field of education in all aspects of life.

Written, Directed and edited by Basil Vignes, Clo R Vignes
Produced by Auroville Centre for Scientific Research 2004
Published on 27 Jun 2015 by Basile

Reach for the stars (8:20)
Reach for the Stars is an initiative that finances the higher education of young
people from poor backgrounds from the villages surrounding Auroville.

Eco Femme présentation
Eco Femme is a women-led social enterprise founded in 2010 in Auroville. Our goal
is to create environmental and social change through revitalising menstrual practices
that are healthy, environmentally sustainable, culturally responsive and empowering.
We produce and sell washable cloth pads, provide menstrual health education and
open dialogues on menstruation all along the way.
Pad for sisters (French Subtitled 3.18 min)

Pad for Pad (French Subtitled 3.30 min)

A day in Auroville Papers (5.11 min)
The Auroville Press team comprises Auroville Press, Auroville Press Publishers
and Auroville Papers. Here is their motto: « Our aspiration is to manifest beauty
and bring it into many aspects of our daily life. Our international team works in
tandem with local villagers and produces handmade paper items, as well as
books and audio-visuals. We try to contribute to the flowering of creative
capacities and to maintain an atmosphere of constant learning and striving for
perfection ».

… and also in the website of Auroville

Auroville Trashion Show 2017 (7.40 min)

Growing smiles in Gujarat (6.56 min)
Auroville Dental Centre has set up a unique approach to bring at low cost dental
care to rural area.
After 20 years fine tuning its approach it is now organizing camp in various
states of India to transfer this unique solution for the benefit of as many people
as possible.

Irumbai : A bridge between the past and the future (7.40 mn)
Wet land in Irumbai is available to buy near Herbert farm of Auroville; it is a
unique opportunity to protect rich agriculture land from urban private
development, to develop organic farming and increase rice production for
Auroville inhabitants.

The Genius of India (29.18 min, English with French Subtitle)

By Auroville Press
Awarded ‘Best Film’ at the Delhi Documentary Film Festival in 2001, this movie
was inspired by a text taken from « The Renaissance in India » by Sri Aurobindo. It
is not a study of ancient India (although it does analyse the powers of the
ancient spirit of India) but it is rather a very precise description of the
instruments that are at the disposal of India for building her future.

An interview of Kireet Joshi about his meeting with The Mother (43 min)
A very touching testimony from Kireet Joshi about The Mother.
He is evoking an epoque when he was seeing The Mother every Sunday to work
out the whole new pedagogical approach of « free progress ». While being the first
Secretary in the Ministry of Education in the Central Government of India, he
helped very much Auroville to grow and be protected, at a time when The Mother
had left her body.